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Scrub Me200ml

Body Exfoliator

Prep - Remove - Exfoliate

Sun-Believable SCRUB ME Body Exfoliator, gently polishes the skin to prep, remove and exfoliate for an even, long lasting tan

It’s Sun-Believable !

  • Natural Walnut Shell & Ecuadorian Ivory Palm seed to gently polish the skin, creating the perfect foundation for your golden tan
  • Acqua Biomin Gem, a unique blend of precious gems, diamond, pearl, turquoise and opal proteins leave the skin feeling beautifully smooth and perfectly prepared
  • Acqua Biomin increases hydration of the skin by 24%
  • A salt-free scrub
  • Exquisitley fragranced with a blend of Essential Oil of Sicilian lemon and lime 

Also available within the TRY ME Collection in 100ml


  • Xanthan Gum Rheology Modifier (produced by the fermentation of sugars) – suspends the fine scrub particles, which becomes liquefied when applying making the product easier to spread.
  • Natural Walnut Shell - commonly called Persian or English Walnut is known as “Royal Walnut”, figuratively “a nut fit for a god”. Grown extensively for its wood and nuts, the shells are a by product.
  • Natural Ecuadorian Palm Seed - the vegetable Ivory Palm or Tagua is scientifically named Phytelephas Aequatorialis which means “Elephant Palm”. This is because the nuts/seeds resemble elephant ivory.
  • Precious Gem Blend - a unique combination of diamond, pearl, turquoise and opal proteins which help smooth the skin.
  • Essential Oil of Sicilian Lemon and Lime for a fresh, citrus fragrance


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